We increase your reach, lower your cost per acquisition, support your brand and deliver insights along the way

We support your sales and marketing processes

Our team of experts work with you to understand your campaign objectives and create a customized content-led marketing program to reach and engage with your target audience.

We work as an extension of your marketing and sales team and judge the success of your campaign not simply by the number of clicks or downloads but the ROI to your business.


The buyers journey is complex

We leverage our reader insights to define your ideal audience profile

– Define account list
– Identify and understand pain points
– Leverage reader & subscriber insights
– Understand key marketing and sales messaging


Competition is feirce

We create a robust and integrated content plan

– Content format (written, audio, video, infographic)
– Content type (article, research, survey, guide, product review, live event)
– Distribution channels (communities, organic, search, email, social, display, retargeting)
– Define timeline and deliverables


We have 14 million B2B Marketing Technology Buyers

We align your audience with the most relevant portal

– Data matching
– Audience profiling (demographic, firmographic, engagement)
– Key topics of interest
– Feedback on content types resonating with our audience


We support you to maximize conversion rates

We utilize relevant tracking tools to measure campaign effectiveness

– Full user behavior analysis
– Content consumption
– Real-time notifications
– Cross-site attribution
– Advanced integrated reporting

Enhanced Campaign Monitoring (ECM)


Our technology gives you a unique view

We implement marketing automation and lead nurturing campaigns

– Track all interactions to deliver content at the right time
– Implement advanced personalized lead flows
– Nurture from MQL to SQL
– Lead scoring