November Audience Intelligence Report


Leadership development, upskilling and reskilling are at front of audience’s mind. They are looking for analytics to measure the impact of learning and development strategies, and to identify skill gaps and move skills around the business.


Our audience is sharing a marked shift to a more people centric culture, driven by ​changes to employee expectations, great resignation, and a candidate driven market. Especially, in the context of norms around employment which are so different (“at will” states etc)​, within North America and organisations who have undergone so much change and churn in these last two years, how do they re-build/improve culture to keep people engaged and motivated?

Talent acquisition and analytics

Talent acquisition might be changing as the great resignation balances out but new challenges, now include technology to support speed and experience across HR touchpoints, and deeper issues around personalised attraction amid new trends and needs in employee experience.

Analytics to support understanding of the employee lifecycle, including signs of resignation risk continue to be an area of challenge, following the business risk highlighted during the great resignation and technology investment is coming.

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