Since early May 2020, ClickZ has been asking it’s readers to contribute to an ongoing reader survey. This survey reviews key buying habits and insights specifically related to marketing technology and more generally how marketing budgets are changing.

In unprecedented times it is hard to predict trends, so we hope these charts can be used as a way to tell the story of what has happened and used as a reference point as we continue to see rapid change in our industry.

The data in this Marketing Technology Intelligence report will be most useful to marketers and senior leaders within Marketing Technology companies as well as brand-side marketers looking to see how other marketers are budgeting and purchasing marketing technology.

This report will help to:

  • Analyse marketing budget changes from 2nd May until 29th September.
  • Understand the change in MarTech spending due to a 2% increase from August.
  • Unpick the newly preferred and most in demand MarTech categories compared to last month.
  • Identify the top five reads from September on
  • Track $584 million of MarTech funding during September.

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