Native Articles

Native articles seamlessly integrate with the page content making the experience far more enjoyable for readers. You’ll be able to give your viewers valuable information while also increasing your brand awareness.

Survey & Research Reports

Our Survey & Research Reports are shaped by our in-house editorial team of experts to hone in and discover specific data sets and trends. Following this, the report is carefully crafted by our editors and is gated to capture contact details and leads for sales to reach out to, offering a better understanding of who has downloaded your content.

Buyers Guides

Position your technology as a leader in the MarTech space and also inform your clients’ buying process within the current market.

  • Become experts at guiding others through the current technology adoption buying process
  • Be known as the trusted advisor for progressing to the next stage of technological development
  • Align your technology provider with impactful content and better inform our engaged marketing community on ClickZ
  • Work with our Customer Success team to plan bespoke marketing and social media campaign deliverables to help push downloads of your report to convert qualified leads

Bespoke Video

Collaborate with our editorial team to produce leading video-based content to distribute to the 320,000 ClickZ members. The length and format of this will be crafted by our expert team of editors and choose from formats such as 1 on 1, panel discussion and a investigative video report.


  • Full license to distribute content
  • Collaboration with the content team
  • Labelled as ‘In collaboration with’